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The Realms of Chaos.

Date: September 2009
Submitted by: Iain Miller

And Sho, once more to Aran Island we went, the object of our desires was the "light house Stack" at Rinrawros Point.

In attendance were Noblest Brother and Sister, Caoimhe Gleeson and Eddy Wallace, 3 TV cameras(with operators, obviously), a monster RiB (with another TV camera & operator) and centre stage was a Lidl Dingy. HURRA for the Inane.

A 50 meter abseil to the center of Mordor reveiled a mildly tetchy channel crossing, was the order of the day.

And thus the mighty vessel crossed the channel and a slack line Tyrolean was rigged, the return journey made and Sister Gleeson entered the vessel.

Alas mid voyage, Neptune able and abetted by the Mighty Satan and her legions of the damned descended on our wee channel and thus DEATH "entered the building." For the next wee while we remained in the twilight world between this and the next as "the Legions" removed the walls of our existence, and so we squatted in the Realms of Chaos, the eatheral tract between astral planes and so a true and very real existance was breached and transended.

YOU ARE NOW TRULY FUCKIN ALIVE! screamed the ancients.

Alas a return to Terra firm was made and Sister Gleeson returned to the "cold hole."

A brief crossing of the Styx was done and the stack regained. HURRA!

A very quick solo of this 100mtr, 3* ridge was made at V. DIFF?

A pause for thought...

How do you grade Death?

As death is absolute, certain and ALWAYS watching your every move, a few hundred movements over rock, a few lines in text and a grade? Do they do justice to the activities undertaken?

Fuck it up ladies and gentlemen of the JURY and you are going to die. Absolute and indeed certain!

ANYWAYS, the journey was reversed and 12 hours after stating out we regained the start, Inane! (or what?)

What was filmed on this journey was what the masses would perhaps consider to be "Suicide?"

Suicide being what we as humans consider to be a safe and comfortable existance within our self, and thus never growing and expanding to reach true enlightenment and understanding?

Insane would perhaps be, not to expand the world around you and be truly facking alive?

You know it makes sense!

17 Sep 2009

I thought she was NEVER going to go climbing with you again anyway?

Photo of Route