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Date: SEPT 09
Submitted by: KEITH MONAGHAN
Spent a week in Glenmore lodge doing ML training course. There were 9 of us including Jamie Andrew. In 1999 Jamie and a mate were climbing in Chamonix on the North face of Les Droites when a sudden storm caught them out. They were stuck on the summit for 5 days, Jamie’s mate died and after his rescue Jamie lost his feet and hands to frost bite. However with artificial limbs he has since run the London marathon, climbed Kilimanjaro, the Monch and numerous others. He can still second up to HS and has special ice axe attachments for grade 4 winter routes and can belay and can tie better knots than most of us. He now makes his living as an inspirational speaker and has written a book called Life and Limb. (Worth a google) Amazing man and has a wicked sense of humour but he can't knock back Tennents ice cold like a CCCer. After my course Sandra came over and we spent a few days dandering/mountain biking around the Cairngorm Munros.

03 Oct 2009

Sounds like some bloke. Even Peter Cooper can't match that (yet).

09 Oct 2009

Read his book and would recommend it. If anyone wants to borrow it let me know.

Photo of Route