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Inaugural Stack

Date: 8/11/09
Submitted by: Alan Tees
Bill came down to Culdaff on Sunday, and it rained, so we decided to explore the coastline near Stookaruddin at Malin.  This usually deserted coastline was hiving with people, all two of them (one was Brian Martin) but on the way back, we scrambled up an attractive sea stack at Mullans Point (no relation to Finbarr), and Bill was to consult his barnacled charts and see if it had a name.  It didnt, but I looked in the first NWMC log, and found it had been climbed on the very first club outing 30/04/1955 (by my English teacher Dennis Helliwell) and named Inaugural Stack, isnt that interesting/irritating?

Photo of Route
Inaugural Stack, Malin - Climbed in 1955 on the first outing of NWMC