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Thursday Night at St Columb's

Date: 18th Nov 2004
Submitted by: Pete Smith
Paul Dunlop, Raymond Dunlop, Dave Millar, Damien from Strabane, Paul from Strabane and Pete Smith all turned up at the wall. So did Uel Hamilton....with a group of about 87 scouts that St Columb's had kindly booked in for him!

We asked the staff if they could try to keep Thursdays free for the Colmcillers, and they said they would - which means we need to make an effort to be there.

Despite not getting a lot of climbing done, we had a good old chinwag. Paul is keen to get involved in club activities again, and the Strabane brothers are praying for a big freeze in Donegal as they fill their kitbags with axes and screws. The two of them did some routes at Malin Beg last week (and helped guidebook sales by sacrificing a copy to the waves).

David was out at Fairhead last week doing a bit of bouldering.

Photo of Route