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Where I was for the last 4 years

Date: 2000-2004
Submitted by: Rodders

Hello all!

After looking at some of my old reports on the webshite I felt a bit guilty for not contributing anything this century. So, as I've done so little I've condensed everything that I have done over the last few years into one report!

September 2000 saw me In the Himalayas with the MCI Millenium Youth Inititive. This was great craic and despite poor climbing conditions ascents were made of Island Peak and Lobuche East (both around 6000m). This was a great trip and a great experience for a young fella like me although 4 days of climbing in 5 weeks wasn't my cup of tea at the time and I would rather have been at Fairhead!

October 2000 saw me move to Wrexham, N.Wales to study Sport Science with high hopes of taking the world by storm, however lack of cash, transport, access issues with the university climbing wall and generally too much alcohol put paid to that pipe dream!

2001 was the crappest climbing year ever with the highlight probably being me falling off the last move of Grecian Gift!

2002 must have been even crapper as I can't recall doing anything! No, wait, I think I was benighted on Frankie's route Bawg in to your Oxters Sir! Oh and some crap routes around Clwyd.

2003 Yeah! This year saw a mini renaissance from the ex-e-man! First came a year's subscription to On the Edge magazine, then came occasional trips to Chester climbing wall! I also did my SPA training at Plas y Brenin. A trip home at easter saw my first trip to Muckross head with Dave Millar, which was cool until I tried in vain to follow Dave up numerous overhanging routes in the lower e-grades! I think I managed to lead Boho Dance, severe, after backing off pretty much everthing else!

The summer was spent following an onform Dave Millar up numerous routes around the place as well as spotting while he cranked up new boulder problems. Although I did manage leads of Shining Cossacks, Orange Blossom and Cheatin Bitch. August saw a trip to Sligo with Dave, Al, Julie (Al's), Julie (mine), Marlene, Geoff Thomas etc.

In october Dave, Colin wright (he of the red bull and 24 inch biceps!), and Marlene took a trip to N. Wales. Good craic was had by all, especially me, despite borrowing Dave's leaking tent and spending the first night sleeping on a puddle after 2 days of near constant rain! Despite being too wet to climb on the Cromlech, some good climbing was managed in Tremadog and the slate, and on Holyhead mountain. Highlights for me were Christmas Curry (v-diff I think) at Tremadog, the Seamstress (VS) at one of the slate quarries and the Mega Scratch Arete (VS 5a) again at Tremadog.
Bouldering at the bottom of the Cromlech was cool as well.

2004. After finally finishing my studies and moving to a relocated Castle Moore in Greysteel, most of the last six months has been spent in St Columb's wall. After thousands of pull-ups, numerous new boulder problems (and multiple ascents of old ones before Raymond started moving the holds!) as well as more reps on the lat bar in Eglington gym than I would care to remember, I'm almost back to full fitness and looking forward to next year.

I did manage to escape the wall to do ascents of Orange Blossom (three times because I enjoyed it so much), Grecian Gift, Pea Pod, Bean Bob, Calamity Colins (notice any pattern yet?!), Shining Cossacks and Master of Puppets (twice).

There you go for any Colmcillers wondering where I've been hiding for the last few years (and I'm sure there's lots of you!), there is my last few climbing seasons in a nutshell! See you in 2008!


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