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Coopers Blooper

Date: Climbfest 2010
Submitted by: Keith Monaghan

Climbfest 2010. Arrived on Fri night with Sam and after putting up the tent was talked into a quick climb before dark so set off with Alan. Cruit Crack is a lovely severe but starts at 3 ft below sea level so Alan left me on a small platform as he raced between waves around a corner and out of sight. A few minutes later it was my turn but Neptune caught me just as I got to the corner so was left to finish route with 2 soaking feet. After a cold night in the tent we spent the next morning in bright sunshine with a bunch of newcomers on the farmhouse crag. I recalled hauling a little quiet cub up and down Dunmore head in 2007 and couldn't bloody get rid of him. Sure enough a short time later Michael arrived. He greeted me with the usual "King of the Vdiff" salute and I confirmed once again that no one loves a giner.

Later ,having followed George up a few we easy routes without crying and bleeding too much I was determined to get my first VS lead. Having surveying Coopers masterpiece and having sworn George to secrecy just in case I had to back off, I set about tackling Maamturks Man, VS 4c apparently. A few pieces of easily place gear and I was at the top all full of myself thinking if that VS it will be E1 before Monday. However George climbed it with one hand in his pocket and a close inspection of the Cooper bible we realised that the climbs were numbered 1,2,3,3,4,5 and we had actually climbed The Scholar S obviously named after PCs counting skills!! PJ flew up it too before we headed for the campsite, a bit to eat and entertainment with Valli's masterpiece taking centre stage.

Sunday and we were off to Gola and spent a great day climbing all over the gripple wall watching seals and sheep messing about in the water. On route back we stopped for a few in Iggys and then back for dinner. Sandra by this time had arrived and was in the Golf club with PJ and Ant. Michael and I later joined them and we headed to the pub on the Dunlewy Road owned by the man with the biggest comb over in the world. However Rosie was in town and questioned us about our background and I was amazed to find out the Michael was really Sandra's illegitimate son which neither of them were impressed with. Rosie claimed to originate from Owey but was living in Dublin having been spurned by Daniel O D, but we had a great couple of hrs crac before returning home with sore sides from laughing. Being of the older generation I went immediately to my bed but was hauled of my tent, sleeping bag and forced to take more drink.

Next morning Sandra and I climbed a few routes on Traderg Wall before packing up and heading for home. One of the best Climbfests so far with a great crowd from far and wide and excellent weather. Good to see Niall and co again.

Congrats to all involved in this despite Coopers blooper.

08 May 2010

Well done for doing your bit for the beginners. We were all there once, and not everyone can afford to go on a course - especially the youngsters.

11 May 2010
Peter Cooper

Rule 1: no guide editor ever gets thanks. Any mistakes are always pointed out with glee, it's not for the thin-skinned. Anyway, glad to hear you had a good time at Cruit, but Keith, when will you get your first VS? there were plenty to go at and one next to the one you tried.

11 May 2010

Pete if I get a VS sorted, does that me I can claim I lead up to HVS!!! Thick skin is a requirement in this club, my climbing is much better when I'm discussing it in the pub!!

12 May 2010

There's an old saying: 'The routes I'm going to climb are much harder than the ones you have climbed'. Something along those lines, anyway.

13 May 2010
Peter Cooper

If you get a VS your'e allowed to claim up to E2, in a pub it stretches to E5; it's a well-known fact. I'll happpily get the pint in and hear the tale, I've a feeling it'll be worth hearing. If I'm in shape I'll 2nd you!

13 May 2010

Second in the pub or crag

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