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Wet and Dirty Well Attended

Date: 4th December 2004
Submitted by: Pete Smith
They flocked from far and wide to attend the Colmcille wet and dirty meet on Saturday 4th December at Dunmore Head! James (Jim Lad) McNally from Sion Mills, Marty McGuigan from Omagh, Pete the Coop from Culdaff, Alan Tees from Culdaff, Donna Ryan and Pete Smith from Derry, Al Millar from St Johnston and Julie Sittlington from Coleraine.

The weather was cool and dry so climbing was definitely a possibility, though not for me due to the sensitivity of my post-operative harnessable body parts. Alan Tees was intent on cleaning Dunmore's left crag, so I volunteered to join him and we asked Marty to show Jim Lad the ropes and take him up a route or two.

We got to the crag and kitted out the young un with harness and helmet, but he wanted for rock boots as his feet are size 13 and no one else approached such footy magnificence. Until, that is, Alan produced a pair of "size 12½" boots! I kept quiet with my doubts about their 12½ness because I knew Jim Lad wouldn't even try them if he thought they were smaller.

So, we got to the crag and had a nice time cleaning, while Marty led February Freeze Up and Oxo in October. Pete the Coop led a new line to the left of February Freeze Up and Donna and Alan Tees seconded. Jim Lad arrived back with a big smile and very sore feet - promising to climb in every spare moment for the rest of his life. I asked Alan the real size of his boots, and the old fox just grinned "Well, I'm a size 9 and they're too big on me". I advised Jim Lad to bear this incident in mind when Alan recommends that he lead Protestant Backlash or some similar horrid route.

A smashing afternoon was had. Next wet and dirty is on the 19th, closely followed by the mince pie wet and dirty on the 27th - don't miss 'em.

Photo of Route