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Done More Climbing

Date: 26th March 2011
Submitted by: Alan Tees
After checking out some routes at Dunowen Wall, Geoff, Andrew, Freja and self joined the hoards at Dunmore Head.  There were about 8 on the cliff from various arts and parts, and when we were about the leave, Rodders and Julie appeared from Finbarr Wall.  Lovely day!

28 Mar 2011
Peter Cooper

Hey Rodders, did you get to do the 1st repeat/2nd ascent of Pushing String? What routes did you do there?

21 Apr 2011

Hi Peter, sorry forgot about pushing string! Will check it out next time :)!

24 Apr 2011
Peter Cooper

Not to worry, though the Climbfest is coming and folks will be looking for new stuff to do - hopefully!

Photo of Route