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Date: 10/04/11
Submitted by: Alan Tees

It was going to be a quiet morning at home, but Geoff rang, and then we were at Malin Head.  Another last minute plan change, and we were on the other side of the zawn from Stelfox slab. Trevor and Alfie were climbing on it- not sure who was the more surprised to see who! Anyway we did three great wee routes, quality rock and worthy of stars, probably, but I feel that should be for others to decide, now that there are enough active climbers around to check these things.

Went looking for Alfie and Trev to invite them up to sample Dominic's excellent coffee at Bambas crown, but they were out on business.  Then we went to the backroom in McGrorys to an event in the Inishowen guitar festival, a one man acoustic version of Iron Maiden. Jeez!  (Margaret not impressed!) 

Good to see everybody active again!! 

Photo of Route