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Last of the Lynams

Date: 12th-14th August 2011
Submitted by: Alan Tees

The Last of The Lynams

The late Joss and Rev. C.P. Vandeleur compiled a list of Irish 2000 foot mountains (before metres were discovered), and added it to the back of Claud Wall’s republished book “Mountaineering in Ireland” in 1976.  There were 257 peaks, but these were divided into “Separate mountains” and “ Subsidiary Peaks”.   257, being an entirely unreasonably excessive number, was unacceptable, but we identified the “Separates” or “Ascentials” as we call them, 156 in all, and even better, we had done about 100!!  Visits were made to the South East, the Comeraghs, Knockmealdowns, Wicklow etc.  and South West, Cork and Kerry, over the last 18 months or so, and lo, it finally came to pass there remained only 4.

 Killorglin is a bit of a bottleneck at the best of times, but during the Puck Fair it’s mental, so we had a change of plan and based ourselves in Glenbeigh to begin with.  A peaceful night in the van overlooking Lake Cara, was followed by a very wet day on Macklaun, Meenteog, and finally Colly- (one of the four), so now there were three!  Marty, Mary, and Simon Stewart (of Mountain Views) and Margaret O’Sullivan arrived on Friday night, and we had a pleasant bite in Glenbeigh.  In the morning we went round to the Climber’s Inn Glencar to meet a coupe of Simon’s friends, Connor and John, and made our way to the end of the Bridia Valley, having left 2 cars at Ballaghbeama Gap (where the last Irish Wimbledon winner was run over by a runaway horse and cart!).  Honest.

The East ridge of Broaghbinnia was spectacular, with great views of the Reeks and “the Back Ladder” and good scrambling, (quite challenging), and while we came back to the car (resting my knee), the others went over Stumpa Dulough etc. to the cars at the gap.   Two left!  M and I were invited to stay with Phil O’Mahony, (a stalwart of Tralee MC), in Castleisland, but in the morning we met up again at Connor Pass to bag the last two.

A fine ascent from the Cobblers lake to the ridge, and then out to Slieveanea North (one left!) took us over an Cnapan Mor (the Big Button), down to Windy Gap, and finally up to Banogue Nr, where we emptied the magnum of cheap champagne I had humped up on my back, and Marty, Phil and Magella sang a song in Irish that Marty had forgotten that he knew!   A nice descent over  Beenbo and down a fine ridge to my van, and thence to Dingle for a celebratory meal.

My first “Ascential” was Muckish in July/Aug 1961 (I have a photo) the last Aug 2011, so I did them all in 50 years, Its gotta be a record! (Margaret only took 30).

18 Aug 2011

I forgot to say, if you are interested, Margaret will email you the list, otherwise you will have to wait for the MI publication, planned to be along the lines of the MC of S Munro guide.

22 Aug 2011

Well done and what a story. I never heard of the "Ascentials" until now (Heathen that I am). Great report :)

23 Aug 2011

Well done to both of you, whats next?

23 Aug 2011
Martin Mc Guigan

A great week end. Well done you two. The champane was lovely and mede me think ( it is possible ) why we do not have a bottle on every mountaintop, why wait until you do 156489309

26 Aug 2011
Anthony Feeney

Guess that only leaves the Mittellegi Ridge then...

Photo of Route