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Lads wi Lassitude

Date: 3rd 4th 5th Sept 2011
Submitted by: Alan Tees

“Lads with Lassitude”.

Rumour had it that there was to be a meeting of the “Women with Altitude” organising committee, in Glendalough last weekend, so not to be outdone by the fairer sex, a rival event was hastily organised.  “Lads”, was stretching a point somewhat, as the combined age of the three who turned up, was in the region of 183.

The weemin finished their meeting about lunchtime, and adjourned for lunch to two different hotels, a feat of organisation that would have gladdened the hearts of manys an MI club, but this was easily explained, in that it was the men’s fault (mine in fact).  A combined Altitude and Lassitude climbing party then made its way up to the crags, at which time slight drizzle made an appearance, and while the Altitutents decided to go for a walk/discuss recipes/swop knitting patterns etc,  the Lassitutents (Me’n Bill) went climbing.  The afternoon improved, and we managed a V.Diff “Expectancy”,  and two VSs (appropriately)” Lassitude”, and “Garden of Eden”.  The Lads were for roughing it in the IMC hut, but the Altitudents insisted on the hostel, there being better hair drying facilities.  In the hotel bar that evening, Mary and Marty arrived (Marty looking very dapper in orange and black trousers with matching blue and white hooped top).  Real roughty toughties these, sleeping in the van!

The forecast for Sunday was good in the morning, but Bill being overcome by lassitude,  it was just Marty and me who set off with Maeve and Sandra.  Margaret and Mary went hillwalking.  Marty and I had the same goal, “Prelude Nightmare”, but both thought that, as it is a four pitch VS,  we had better do a warm up climb first, so I had a crack at “Quartz Gully”, reputedly the best HS4b in Ireland, with Sandra, while Marty and Maeve started up “Holly Tree Shunt”.  The second pitch of Quartz Gully is truly superb, but it started to rain as Sandra led the third.  Marty and Maeve were close behind, as Marty strayed off the “shunt”, onto a harder line, and it was pouring as we abbed down Expectancy, meeting Peter from IMC,  Chris from Poland, and Dave from the summer Alpine meet.  We fled!                  Prelude Nightmare is proving elusive!

Everyone buggered off home, so Bill and I stayed in the IMC hut, which was excellent, and spent Monday climbing at Dalkey, before the rain again put paid to activities about 4.00 PM, by which time we had climbed seven routes, and it was time for me to head for the MI Board meeting  (*apparently someone built a via Ferrata on Tormore at Sligo, and it has already been demolished- anybody know anything about it?- or is it a wind up?)at the House of Sport.  Home 2.00AM Tuesday.


Photo of Route