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Old Geezers Still At It

Date: 18/09/11
Submitted by: Bill LeClerc-Gigot
Another good line at Malin today. Minimal gear and nice and loose at the top:) Alan led: 3 of us dutifully trundled up after him.(Me, Alfie and Marty). To be known as Malin Head Point. Phnarr phnarr. Bottom 1/3 or 1/4 still needs doing - sea was too rough (not for Iain Miller, obviously, just for us lesser mortals).

23 Sep 2011

Great report Bill. Good to see you can still get up even at your age. Not quite sure Alfie would pass as an old geezer, though.

23 Sep 2011

He ain't no callow yoof! A thorough gentleman,'tho.

23 Sep 2011

Ive going to side with Pete in avoiding the old geezer status and I prefer that any illusions to being a gent are well and truly scotched

24 Sep 2011

OK Alfie. I withdraw all derogatory comments unreservedly. (I may still need that lift some day).

26 Sep 2011
Expertees Ltd.

Yep, "Men with Decrepitude" (except for Alfie of course)

Photo of Route
Malin Headpoint - Alan leads,Martys belays, and Alfie supervises