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Malin Head Revisited

Date: 16 October2011
Submitted by: Alfie Conn
God it’s wet today. Last weekend Trevor and I drove out to Malin Head as the forecast was better there than on the Antrim Coast. We actually arrived in a dry spell and set out towards the Devils Bridge. Just before we did anything stupid the spits of rain appeared and while waiting for the weather to make up its mind we made up ours. Since there was no drink van out we headed to the community hall and “Northern Bites” where we had a very nice couple of breakfasts. (I didn’t get to have as much insulation as this by having a nutritional advisor!). A sluggish return was greeted by larger rain drops and a wind that seemed to come from Greenland, so we decided to look rather than touch, invoking that old maxim, “Time in reconnaissance is seldom wasted”. I feel that it was on this occasion as we still could not find “Uncle Montys” area but did spot lots of other things to do when global warming hits Donegal in a significant fashion. Probably a useful day out but I suspect a different venue would have yielded greater results.

24 Oct 2011

10 out of 10 for effort in the face of adversity (yet another wet weekend); this year has brought the Saw Doctors song ‘Will it Ever Stop Raining’ to mind more than once.

Photo of Route