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Alfie plays with himself at Dunsevrick

Date: Sunday 13 Nov 2011
Submitted by: Alfie Conn
Following the howling success of seeking a fellow climber on the forum I had to resort to a shunt. I duly set up a rope on "One for the road" and "Easter Crack" at Dunseverick as they were in the lea of the wind. The rock was dry and surprisingly warm. Now thoroughly unimpressed on having to set up topropesI soloed "Wanderers sight". It always seems a struggle for a diff but also feels gloriously secure. With an ab rope in place I redescended to solo "Beside the point" and while easy it was very very exposed. Scared but content I returned to the car and headed for an all day breakfast in Bushmills. Sadly ithe "Copper Kettle" was shut so instead the Sainsburys cafe in Coleraine came up with the goods. Next week: Alfie tries Quiche

16 Nov 2011

Good on ya Alfie, solo's great' no gurning second to give advice from 10 meters below as to where best holds are when you can see clearly from close up that there aren't any, no tut tut at apparent lack of altitude speed when every hold should rightly be tested 10 times belore comitting one's self, and no one to steal that last little bit of bacon from your all day breakfast. Great for building wrist strength too!

18 Nov 2011
Bill LeClerc-Gigot

What, the bacon?

05 Dec 2011

Tony Smith of NWMC was apparently climbing on these rocks 30- 40 years ago, and would still be up for a v Diff or two! Long retired now, he would be available I imagine, should anyone want to take him out. I will make a point of it next summer

Photo of Route