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Wassail Abseil 2011

Date: 17th Dec
Submitted by: Alan Tees

Indecision was overcome at 7.00 AM on the saturday morning, when the roadway way free of frost/iceand by 10.30 I was in the Yeats drinking coffee. Sandra, then George, then Valli and Gerry arrived, so it was a small group who made their way up the snowy slopes of Ben Whiskin.  Photos were taken on top, but we figured that an abseil would have been suicidal due to the loose rock and the fact that the 100m rope would be unlikely to reach the bottom!  We abbed from further down which was slightly less suicidal.  Valli has a broken helmet and is 3 inches smaller to prove it! The lesser Valli recovered well enough to cook us a fine roast beef dinner, and a few drinks were taken.

In the morning George I and went up to Tormore to check out the unlikely rumour that persons unknown had put up a "Via Ferrata", and the more likely rumour that other persons unknown had since cut it down!  No sign of either.

Photo of Route