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Big Snack by the Orange Welly Route, and the case of the disappeared Garda

Date: 23/01/05
Submitted by: Alan Tees
Maggs and self swopped the "Wet & Dirty" for the "Wet & Spongy" and climbed Sl.Snaght by the "Orange Welly Route" (don't ask- its a long story) having cycled round from the Mintiaghs. On the descent we retrieved two abandoned rucksacks, apparently property of the Garda(we cannot reveal the contents due to the official secrets act- 3 oranges and a bog roll). Being good law abiding citizens we called at both Carn and Culdaff stations, but these Garda had also disappeared. Abducted by aliens, or out enforcing the new speed limits perhaps!

Photo of Route