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Letterkenny Wall trip

Date: 03/02/05
Submitted by: Peter Cooper
I went along to the new wall last night and was very impressed with the turn-out (16 according to the human calculator P.Smith, he can do more than "1, some"), it looked like an active climbing scene indeed. Amongst us was Spanish-lad who has been in Letterkenny studying for 7 months without seeing another climber, last night he was very happy and shell-shocked; hopefully he can get out with us often during the rest of his stay The wall itself offers some challenging routes and I certainly felt I'd had a work-out afterwards, not having climbed since before Xmas. Pete Smith has accused me of moaning-on about how small the scene is here, well last night I couldn't move for climbers; "things just weren't how they used to be" is the new moan.

Photo of Route