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Colmciller Dashes to victory at Roe Valley Race

Date: 05/02/05
Submitted by: Peter Cooper
Running as the only Colmcille Climber to enter the race (Brendan Doherty entered as a Derry Athletic Spartan and Geoff Thomas couldn't make it) I put my non-training regieme to superb use and made my mark by coming LAST! amongst a field of highly motivated well trained club runners. The winning time was sub 22 mins, I secured last place with 32 mins over a course of 4 miles. I hope this may be the first of many races where CCers beat all others to secure last place. I should like the jury to consider 2 chronic vices in my defence, smoking and masturbation; I'm a 20 a day man and I can't lay off the cigs either" (apologies to Paul Calf/Steve Coogan).

Photo of Route