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Bluestacks exploration

Date: 27/02/2005
Submitted by: Peter Cooper
Brian Wingham and myself headed out to the Bluestacks.We parked at Polldoo and approached from north with a small tour of the bouldering area. We couldn't believe the good weather and lack of wind, it made for a great 5 1/2 hours out. From the tops we could see Ben Bulbin, Errigal, Muckish and Inishowen's tops. We climbed down to see the granite faces at Lough Belshade and were mightily impressed. Having a copy of the Donegal Climbs guide with us I was able to see the legendary Frank Winder got the 1st route in back in the early 1950's. Brian suggested getting back on top of the Bluestacks via a steep gulley behind the main face, which provided 'much sport' as we gibbered our way up mud, plants, ice and some rock to the top. Well we'll definitely be going back for climbing or walking, recommended.

Photo of Route