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World Tour (England and Scotland actually)

Date: 24th Mar- 10th Apr 2005
Submitted by: Donna Ryan
My intentions to climb over the Easter Hols. were viciously sabotaged by the weather. Firstly whilst in Northumberland a drizzly North Sea hoar hung around for days so cragging in Kyloe in- the- Wood went amiss.

Onward to Aviemore laden with all manner of winter climbing gear on the promise that Scotland was experiencing the 'best conditions' of the season. I don't think so. On arrival I was not entirely shocked to see the hills had been completely stripped of snow the freezing level having been well above the summits for weeks. Actually, it was quite nice and sunny. Away went the winter gear and out came the 'rack' . Savage Slit has been on my tick list for sometime. All I had to do now was bide my time until Sandra arrived and Marty took the children to friends in Newcastle. Sandra did arrive and very kindly looked after the children whilst martin and I had a pleasant wander up around the Northern Quarries and Cairngorm... again!

I wondered weather the climb would be soaked owing to seepage but that pondering was short lived. By the time I had freed myself of responsibilities the weather had changed dramatically several low pressure systems bringing wind (lots of), snow and misery. Sandra and I decided to head south to Lochnagar. A good decision although a long way we had a superb day on the hill, The hills were getting a bit of a dusting of snow but by Wednsday night it was hostile with road closures etc. We occupeid ourselves with the climbing wall at the lodge, a trip to inverness and culloden battle sight and of course what else do you do when the weather is shit.....yes you guessed it.... make purchases in gear shops. I bought completely unneccessary things like a new pair of walking boots (I've got 6 already!) well they were a bargain.

Photo of Route