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Rodders at Muckross

Date: 16/04/05
Submitted by: rodders
Went to Muckross Head on saturday afternoon. On arrival I was initially greated by freezing cold weather and seeping, overhanging routes and cursed myself wishing I'd gone to the wall instead (Us indoor climbers don't like the cold very much you know!). However the sun came out eventually and after following up Tricky dicky VS the blood flow returned to my extremeties and I led the fantasticly juggy La Cois Farraige VS (please amend spelling if necessary so as not to offend Irish speakers!).

Finally got a nice pump in the sun by toproping one of the E4s there (shit forgot the name, the one next to Birdie!) a couple of times, before heading of into the sunset.Brilliant.

Photo of Route