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st columbs park

Date: 29/04/05
Submitted by: Rodders
The wall was buzzing last night with a big turnout of rogue colmcillers. There was myself, The strabane lads, Garth from Tiso's, New climber Alison (All the way from Chicago) and the master himself Paul Dunlop, with cameo appearances from Frazier and Raymond. With Raymond not climbing, Paul and myself tried in vain to secure the first ascent of the stamina fest, "pumping Iron extension", a three star route that should be in the guide! Surely the best unclimbed line in the derry! Garth used his power and did some huge dinos and hard problems, I got burnt off by Paul (as usual), Alison showed enthusiasm and is making good progress, Frazier ate some cashew nuts and did some pull-ups (not at the same time), Raymond briefly considered climbing in his socks and burning everyone off, the other lads cranked away and a good time was had by all.

Tuesday and thursday nights are usually good crack and any new colmcillers out there would benefit from coming in and training with such a hardcore bunch, and Paul and Raymond as well, especially when its wet(though thankfully that doesn't happen much).


Photo of Route