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Date: 03/05/05
Submitted by: Rodders
Julie and Myself visited Dunmore head on Saturday and met up with ex-Eman Jason Frazier.

I lead the awkward but excellent Colamity Colins VS 5a ("No way is that VS" according to Psyclone!), The Little cracker Master of Puppets HVS 5b and the superb Diversion HS. Frazer Cruised his way up PeaPob VS, his first lead in many a year, though it didn't show.

Julie and I returned to the climbfest on monday and went to Brazil Rock at bunagee, where between showers I managed to lead the Hustler HS, followed ably by julie. In my oppinion this route is definetly VS so beware if your going to lead it, its pretty nifty, adventure climbing at its best! The route now has an insitu no.5 peanut protecting the crux, feel free to clip it and you can thank me later!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and it was great to catch up with so many old faces and see so many people at culdaff. Well done to Alan for organising such a great event.


Photo of Route