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Culdaff ClimbFest 2005

Date: 30thApr-1st May 2005
Submitted by: Columba McLaughlin
What a great weekend. Well done to Alan Tees, Pete, Marty Margaret and Mary for organising, running and assisting at a very successful ClimbFest. I have to admit, that while I have had a good year at rough climbing on the mountains, I have had very little practice in technical climbing on good clean rock. Nonethelss, Alan soon wakened me up on Absent Friends. Thereafter, I managed some bouldering and soloing on the SRS slab and other outcrops.

After this I managed to lead Diversion and later on in the evening I belayed Donna and then followed her on Diversion again. Marty and I had our first climb together. I managed a very rusty lead of Orange Blossom and not in the style of some CCC technical masters.

On Sunday, the rain in the morning led me to believe that there would be no climbing and a visit to the campsite increased this belief. On return in the evening, I was the last to find out that all were out climbing in Bunagee. What a crowd. I eventually made it to Brazil Rock about 4pm. I was hoping to lead the Hustler, one of my favourite climbs. However, Psyche and Stephen had already ascended it and I went up as well. Good job I did not lead it. It was like a virginal climb for me and I felt like a baby elephant climbing it. Anyway, this shook the cobwebs out and has reinforced in me the need to keep my climbing up to scratch. I will need to get out more.

On Monday, I spent with the family on the Western Side of Inishowen and got some bouldering in on my favourite rocks from my yojnger days. Fr. Hegarty's Rock and the South beach rock on Stragill Beach. The onset of evening rain made us run for the car and then to Letterkenny. A brilliant (but rusty) weekend and well done to the CCC for organising the event. Preparation needed for next year's Climbfest.

Photo of Route