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Crockanaffrin - Club Trip

Date: 11th May 2005
Submitted by: Pete Smith
A beautiful sunny day in May, perfect to go away and play!

I was at the lay-by at 5.30pm hoping to meet some other Colmcillers but none materialised, so I drove to Letterkenny and joined Emmett, Nacho and Mikey McGinty. We headed up to Crockanaffrin and climbed in perfect conditions: warm, windless and bright.

First off, Mikey led Great Corner and Emmett put up a new, daring (read unjustifiable) route on a crumbling pile of choss.

Then they did Great Corner and we climbed the crumbling pile of choss. I had the good sense to back off from halfway; Mikey didn't, and so scared himself almost witless.

By then it was getting dark so we walked back to the car. Good crack.

Photo of Route