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Skye Diving ,and other activities in the Misty Isle.

Date: 12th-14th May
Submitted by: Alan Tees
Eleven hardy souls in Marty's bus to Glenbrittle on Thursday, camping by the shore. Friday saw Maggs, Roger, P.J,Mary, Bonnie and self struggling up the Great Stone Chute, whilst Paddy, Finbarr and Marty started from the end of the ridge, their intention being to traverse its entirety over two days, and ours to meet with them and supply water, encouragement etc. Bill and Andy went off to climb "The Cioch Direct" Cioch Slab" and "Integrity" (ten pitches of the best rock in these islands.) P.J. Bonnie and self continued around the Corrie Lagan, climbing the Inaccessible Pinnacle en route. Paddy took a fall above Corrie na Grunda and retired injured, but Finbarr & Marty made it to the Inn Pinn, where they bivvied. Marty also climbed the Pinnacle, but dropped his rope and had to solo down. Saturday was also fine. The main party went off to climb Bruach Na Frithe, but Andy, Bill and self set off for An Doras to try and meet up with the two Ridgets, and miraculously we did, replenishing their water stocks (they were drinking snow melt)and joining them over the most technical part of the ridge Bidean Nam Druim Ramdh. Andy turned back due to blisters, as he was keen to climb again on Sunday. By the time the four of us reached Bruach Na Frithe, the main party had already headed down for the bar at Sligachan. In a rush down to buy the first round, I slipped and put my hand down on a razor blade (masquerading as a stone)and had to go to hospital for stitches. Meanwhile the heroic ridgets continued over An Bhasteir and Sgurr Na Gillean to totter triumphant into the Slig at about 8.00 PM. Sunday was more Skye- Like, damp & misty, but Andy and Bill went up to try and climb the rest of Shang-ri-la, having done the top pitch of this classic VS (that Bill had an epic on 20 years ago)on Friday. The rest of us, bar Finbarr, went to the Quirang, and walked up through this amazing collection of pinnacles at the north of the island. A great trip, and well done Marty and Finbarr.

Photo of Route