Route Number: 960

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Main Brace

Location: Malinbeg (Main West Wall)
Grade: HS  4a
Length: 20m
First ascent: J Mulhall, D Walsh (Alt leads) (28/4/74)
The obvious chimney narrowing at half-height, almost opposite the end of the island. 1) 10m Climb beside chimney until it is necessary to turn bulge at 7m (crux) on the left. Traverse 2m to a fault line on the left and ascent until it is possible to move right to top of chimney and belay at a quartz obtrusion.

georgec - 08/05/2018
Would agree with previous comments, I seconded Gerard on this though it harder than HS, probably because we stayed more or less in the chimney at the start.

alan blair - 16/08/2010
thought this was hard too (last route of weekend) but looking back i don't think i went far enough left, thus climbing the first half of mary deare i suppose

Alan Tees 03/04/09 - 04/04/2009
I think this is a "Sandbag" possibly HVS!(but I was tired) Would someone else like to climb it and comment?

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