Editor: Cruit Island - Inis Oileantraigh

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Crag Profile: Cruit Island - Inis Oileantraigh

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Directions: 500 metres to the East of Farmhouse Butress, sits a superb uninhabited Island. On it's South West aspect there is a steep wall of excellent Granite. Access is by paddle to the island and an abseil to the base of the crag

OS Grid Reference: B737217

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- Grace Jones
E1 5c
Length: 60m
D Turnbull Aug 2013
Descend a grassy ledge system at the very Western edge of the wall. Traverse rightwards (ie towards "Island Life") just above the highh tide mark. Take a rising line up the smooth wall right of "Island Life" then make a step down a crack to a small square cut hollow. Continue right then up a foot ramp to a shallow right facing groove. Climb this tosome perched blocks then up and right to finish just below the cliff top dirctly above the square cut cave. No E grade given in original desciption
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1 - Island Life
VS 5a
Length: 18m
I. Miller, Nepal Paul 12/05/10
At the far left end of the crag, Abseil from the cleaned thread 10m back from the cliff top to a superb stance just above the high water mark. Climb the right trending fist jamming crack until forced to make a very committing step up left. (Elvis may enter the building) Continue direct to the summit up several small edges and a worrying layback. 
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2 - Brianna Broccoli
S 4a
Length: 15m
Hugh Norton 5th June 2016
Start at the same stance as Island life but immediately climb out to the left and follow the parallel cracks to the top.
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