Route Number: 2072

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Sheepdip Extreme

Location: Gola - Gripple Wall
Grade: S  4a
Length: 20m
First ascent: Alan Tees, Bill Magowan 2/05/2010
Route Description:
At the left (West) edge of Gripplewall, and around the corner, climb slanting edges to gain deep corner, which is bridged to the top.

Photo of Route
Sheepdip Extreme - Doubtful new route LHs of Gripplewall

Barry Watts - 26/12/2010
nothing jumped out at the time-I twisted my ankle badly soon after, maybe Gripple Arete might do ?

Alan Tees - 26/12/2010
Thought so, did she name it?

Barry Watts - 23/12/2010
Catherine Quin led this line using the arete on the left back in July 2003

Alan - 04/05/2010
I cant believe this wasnt done before! Martin Boner did something that answered to this description, I'll attach a photo, and if this is it I'll change the credits etc.

KEITH - 04/05/2010
well named

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