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Log Entry TitleSubmitted ByDate
Other Festive Fun Alan Tees Christmas 2004
Wet and Dirty on Slieve Snaght Pete Smith 27th Dec 2004
Belshade Abseil Alan Tees Sunday 19th Dec.
Thursday at the Wall Pete Smith 16th December 2004
December days donna ryan 10th and 12th Dec 2004
Route Setting Workshop Pete Smith 11th December 2004
Culdaff Wet & Dirty (Dry & Cle Alan Tees Sunday 5/12/04
Wet and Dirty Well Attended Pete Smith 4th December 2004
Dunmore Head Alan Tees 28/11/04
The Changing Face of El Pres Pete Smith 30th Nov 2004
Where I was for the last 4 yea Rodders 2000-2004
Leo Houlding Lecture Pete Smith 23rd November 2004
Thursday Night at St Columb's Pete Smith 18th Nov 2004
Climbing Wall Pete Smith 11th November 2004
Sligo- Dartry Mountains Alan Tees 6/11/04
Dunmore Peter Cooper 30/10/04
Himalayan Ascents Alan Tees 10/10/04
Colmcillers Forced to Buzz Off Alan Tees 11th & 12th Sept.2004
Last of the Summer Wine Alan Tees 8/09/04
Colmcille North Wales Trip 200 Pete Smith 27th - 30th Aug 2004
Geoff and Pete Eaten by Midges Pete Smith 21st August 2004
Barnermore Gap Alan Tees Sat. 14th August
A fine day at Fairhead Dave Millar 11th August 2004
A Climbing Weekend Pete Smith 31st July/1st August 2004
Bank Holiday weekend at Belsha Dave Millar 31st July 2004
Pete Smith Breaks Climbing Fas Pete Smith 27th July 2004
Malin Exploration 2 Columba McLaughlin 1990s
Exploration in North Inishowen Pete Smith 25th July 2004
Kinnego/Dungloon Alan Tees 22/07/04
Washout at L. Barra Pete Smith 16th July 2004
Lough Barra Alan Tees 18/07/2004
Skelpoonagh Alan Tees 10th-13th July 2004
Washout at Barnesmore Pete Smith 6th July 2004
Bouldering on Fanad Peninsula Dave Millar 19th-20th June
New Crag in Derry Pete Smith 20th June 2004
Pete, Peter and Brian at Kinne Pete Smith 12th June 2004
Midges and Malaria Columba McLaughlin 29th May 2004
The Mystery of the Missing Mul Pete Smith 9th June 2004
Whingin' Ridge (Updated with p Andrew Tees 30th May
Exploratory weekend on Tory Alan Tees 5th 6th June 2004
Whingin Ridge. Alan Tees Sunday 30th May
not warm bay point peter cooper that's my point
Two Tough Men go to Warm Bay Pete Smith 2nd June 2004
Famous Five on Muckish Adventu Pete Smith 26th May 2004
Corrán Tuatháil Columba McLaughlin 22nd May 2004
Warmday on Warmbay alan Tees 23/05.04
Not a climbing report Pete Smith 19th May 2004
Bill LeClerc-Gigot and Pete Sm Pete Smith 20th May 2004
Frankie and Pete Smith at Braz Pete Smith 18th May 2004
Saturday at Crohy Head Pete Smith 15th May 2004
Dunmore/Warmbay Alan Tees 12/05/04
Hastily Arranged Culdaff Trip Pete Smith 11th May 2004
Colmcillers Blitz Fairhead! No Pete Smith 8th May 2004

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