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Colmcille Christmas Party

Date: 26th January 2008
Submitted by: Andrew Tees
A CCCrowd gathered at Happy Valli on Saturday for some climbing and to celebrate Valli's birthday/CCC xmas party. The constant drizzle on the way to Sligo didn't bode well for the climbing part, so Sanda, PJ, George and Peter M were heading for King's Mountain for a walk, while Dave M, Alan, Valli, self and others, assembled at Valli's with the hope of getting some climbing done. It stayed dry, Dave and I bouldered for some of the afternoon, while Alan and Valli were getting plenty of routes in on the main crag. Marty and Mary arrived mid-afternoon, Marty onsighted a new route called 'Raven', and then we headed back to Valli's house for food and warmth, where we were joined by PJ et al. A party ensued, complete with people, cats, dogs, music, dancing, drinking, slide shows (rock&roll!), fire, and plenty of craic!

Not sure what other folks did on Sunday, there may have been more climbing, but I left early, dragging a rather large hangover all the way back to Belfast...

Photo of Route
Raven (Lunatic!) - Marty's new climb at Happy Valli. Amazingly unclimbed despite being an obvious line. Marty calls all his routes after birds. "Jammy Bustard" would be more apt! Hope his hangover isnt any better!