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Fairhead 16th February

Date: 16th Feb 2008
Submitted by: George Carleton

Anthony, Mike Hassan, Peter McConnell and I arranged to meet in Ballycastle for a bit of early season climbing.

We were not disappointed, although a little cold the rock was dry and as the day progressed we even had some rare winter sun.

Anthony and Peter paired off; Peter led The Black Thief VS 4b, The Fence VS 4c.

Then Anthony led Foxy HS or a variation off, after a rightward trending traverse ended up on the second pitch of Good Morning Judge HVS, or there about.

Mike and I climbed The Fence, Stone Mad HVS 5a , Fath Mo Bhuartha E1 5b (which was proper hard) , Contractions VS 5a, 4a - the start is a bit bold but nice climbing for about 15m then gets a bit scrappy and Saber Rattler HVS 4c.

Saber Rattler is a great line, but with a bit of a run out at the start to the first piece of gear, a small wire or peanut at approx 10m.

It was getting dark as Mike and I packed away our gear, Anthony and Peter had already left by this time, (to the pub to watch a football game).

It was great to get such a good day's climbing in so early in the season, role on the spring.

Photo of Route