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Dun Gloonatics

Date: 30/04/08
Submitted by: AlanTees
Set off with old sea dogs Commodore Cooper and Barnacle Bill, to Kinnego to bag a couple of longish routes I had cleaned over the winter.  The first one went reasonably to plan, althought the recent heavy rain had washed more mud down from the backs of a couple of ledges (I had only cleaned the front!) and Bill and I managed it in a couple of pitches.  A succession of cracks, corners and ledges, before a nice arete and good final flakes (Drake's Flakes).  The Commodore had been floating about taking photos, and followed us up (in trainers)on a top rope, taking in part of the route I was about to do next!!  Better that than Marty I suppose, who would probably have soloed the whole thing.   My dented ego recovered, assisted by a blink of sunshine, and I set off up the route (which was very good) to the belay, followed by an increasingly reluctant Bill, who was feeling the effects of only having climbed twice last year!  The bulging wall above was the proverbial "Straw" and Bill got lowered, leaving the way open for the Commodore who cruised up it, this time in flippers.  Then it started to rain /hail/snow, and we left.

Photo of Route