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The raging waves and dry rock.

Date: 30/03/08
Submitted by: Iain Miller

Spurred on by Brother Feeney's visit to Fairhead, a dilema became apparent, go to The Mighty Fairhead in the predicted drizzle or stay closed to home in the predicted drizzle? What to do...what to do.... Sunday looks better! (better being less wind and a wee sun icon over Cork)

 Mucros overhangs and is non tidal, ergo bound to be do-able was the cry! So to Mucros we went, alas the non tidal platform at the base was AHEM, very tidal. But there was hope, our tidal expert predicted high tide at 1030hrs, the sun was out and the rock was, all be it running with water, but "looking likely to dry!" By 1400hrs the tide was still high, a small child was camped out under the roofs on a bouldering mat cum armchair complaining about being too hot in the sun, whilst we romped up the driest wall containing Boho Dance. Three routes later the sun disappeared and winter returned, the small child decided to was time to go home, we went home!

Photo of Route