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The weather Man

Date: 27/04/08
Submitted by: Iain Miller

And so, armed with a weather forcast of rain Saturday and glorious Sun on Sunday. Sunday it was, a day of fun and frolics in the tropical paradise of Donegal!

Arived at Mucros in awesome sunshine and the troops set up camp below the roofs in the first big cave, I returned to the car to get the toys and await the remaining cohorts! As they arrived the heavens opened and the proverbial "rods from the sky" descended, and so three adults and three children stood in the dry under the big roofs and waited....and waited....

A half hour later we romped up an excellent wee route in glorious sunshine, (tropical you might say) and again the heavens open! SO... back to base camp under the roofs!

A half hour later another route, this time a bit steeper, having done the crux (chin ups through a wee roof, not pretty!), "rods from the sky," I'll spare you the details but what followed was a 45 degree abb leftward from a convenient thread to retrieve gear and mucho shenanigans! and so, back to the dry base camp under the roofs..................

A flegling member of the party decided that they wanted to "have a go" Excellent Mish Moneypenny, was the cry and "Boho Dance" was duly led, allowing the young lady to 2nd at leisure! She will be sore in the morning!! And finally the heavens open with full fury, a retreat was hasted back to the cars.

Thank heavens for the base camp under the roofs!   


Photo of Route