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'Hellfire and Herring'

Date: 26/04/08
Submitted by: Peter Cooper

As with the last time I was elected to host a CCrs meet at Warm Bay Point, I waited and waited and got a great big - no show! So it was back home for tea and chores; it had rained in the morning.

Later in the day Pete McC and PJ showed at Bunagee's Dunowen Wall, having been unable to locate Warm Bay Pt, followed shortly after by the ever amiable Marty: the day was saved. A bonus on top of finally getting to climb was watching the pod/school of porpoise just out in the bay, they'd been shadowing a nearby herring boat and were reaping the rewards.

With Marty I was able to get stuck into a new route ('Hellfire and Herring' E1 5b) which I'd cleaned back on Tuesday and promptly failed on on Thursday night; black rock after dusk what was I thinking? The route is steep and doesn't provide much respite, I needed to take a rest on the gear after fannying-about with the wrong gear and before tackling the 2nd crux; not my usual style of lead. I took comfort from the fact Marty found the same spot necessary for a rest. Whilst I'd cleaned this route I hadn't done any pre-practice and found it pumpier than expected, any comments on the route or its grade can be added onto the on-line guide.

Over a pint of Guiness (other stouts are available) I prompted Pete McC to top-rope this one, but I didn't expect him to attempt to lead it the following day - especially with his near deck-out; I'll be happy to hold your ropes next time Pete. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Anthony do this 8M high ball "boulder problem", or lead it (see previous report).

Photo of Route