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St Columba and the Shroud of Turin,

Date: 5/05/08
Submitted by: Alan Tees

Verily, I say unto thee, it was told..... St. Columba had secured and hidden the blessed Turin shroud in a place, safe from marauders and paramilitaries, and from time to time did visit, to look upon it, with love and with awe.

Then the holy man was struck low for a period, with a malady of the lower leg, arising it was said from assisting a drunken St. Patrick from Croaghpatrick, or Howling Ridge or somewhere.

During this time, it came to pass that a band of wandering troubadors (or possibly vegetarions) came upon the shroud, and took it, not knowing of its value.

Alas! St. Columba, on his return, being distraught, sought high, and search-ed low for the said treasure, but could find it not!

It is said that the blessed Saint still scours the rocks between Inishowen and Iona, seaching forever in vain, for his lost treasure.

Photo of Route
Columba's New Route - Can you see it? The Turin Shroud, or is it a Norman Knight?