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The Whole of the Moon

Date: 31/05/08
Submitted by: Iain Miller

Alas the fickle nature of human existance conspired to ensure I had free time til 4PM Staurday. The troops are heading to Gola..... Who else will play.......

 So, I turned to the trusted and ever faithful gri-gri, what shall we do? "Something Foolish!" came the gruff reply. (I'm afraid my gri-gri my have issues?)

 With the sentiments of "something Foolish" echoing in my ears, an early start was required to attain the something foolish status.

 Arriving at An Port at sunrise, we headed North to a wee Stack or 10. After 2KM carrying the deflowering gear over the gently rolling countryside, a torturous 200 mtr steep grass descent was made to an excellent wee pebble beach facing the Leviathans. Boat was inflated and a wee paddle around and through the Stacks was done to plan the attack. Plans A, B, and C came and went as they would require another climber in atendance for many, many reasons. Anyways plan D it was, the smaller stack nearer the land by the seaward face!

 Made a wee bit of tidal miscalculation and SPLASH, had a wet entrance onto the stack, anyway boat was secured and clothes drying nicely. The route to the summit took a superb wee steep wall on immaculate jugs to reach a broad ramp, followed a ramp for 30 mtrs or so to a cheeky wee step up on to the summit at an odd pillar. The summit is very exposed. "Lurking Fear" V Diff, 40 mtrs and done in 2 pitches (belay at the sausage stone on ramp) was the road to success.   

 In the event of this stack having been climbed before (I seriously doubt) could I claim the first nude ascent? Well, It was roasting hot, I got soaked and It all made perfect sense at the time!

"The best climber in the world is the one having the most fun."

Photo of Route