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Ringside seat for grapple fans.

Date: 02/06/08
Submitted by: Iain Miller

Taking full advantage of the superb bank holiday weather, 3 adults, 4 children (of varying climbing enthusiasm), 25 WWE wrestlers and a miniture wrestling ring arrived at Mucros in sweltering sunshine.

 Boho Dance was climbed and seconded by two very tentative (but keen) youngsters, upon topping out their thirst for vertical pleasure was sated and they returned to the boulder pad base camp in the big cave to resume the endless Undertaker/Batista/Ray Mysterio debates.

 The more mature (in years only) members of the party climbed Headland, Tricky Dicky, Joy of Frogs and Flake Out in quick succession.

 The youngsters explored, got soaked and explored again. (Oh, and got soaked again)

 Tea and tiffin was had and a vote for something "a bit shpicier" was taken. Tandori Chicken was opted as the route of choice and up we went, alas as the crux and commiting entry into the roof crack was about to be made the heavens opened! A unanimous roar for home and pizza was made from the grapple fans and as we were outnumbered, home we went! 

Photo of Route