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April Fool?

Date: April?
Submitted by: Alan Tees

Haskett Smith says ... "Outside Port lies Tormore Island, one of a group of boulders, a rock which, though hardly half a mile round its base, is a tremendous sea fowl breeding-place, second only to Horn Head. At low water Tormore can be reached from the shore, and it is scaled in many places by lads in search of eggs." So it has been climbed by locals. It has to be the right island as the description is spot on (group of boulders etc.) The fact that it can be reached at low tide is confirmed by the Admiralty chart extract attached, which is the good news. I think that there is little doubt that he is talking about your island and not Toralaydan as the height he gives (500’ to 600’) is also close to that marked on the chart, or at least closer than Toralaydan. So there you are. Good news – it can be reached at low tide. Bad news – been climbed by locals!

Don't believe it meself!  Are these Iain's stacks?

Regards, Bill.

Photo of Route