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Gobshites, (Loitering within tent.)

Date: 24/06/08
Submitted by: AlanTees
Following the reported problems with litter left at the Dunowen campsite, margaret and I went down last night and lifted a ton of stuff.  Some of it  had been bagged, probably by Claire, but dogs or crows had been at it, so it was well scattered. There were alo the remains of a mattress, and car seating which had been burnrd, and a considerable amount of broken glass. We separated and rebagged it, recycled the glass and tins, and I took the rest to Eglinton skip site this morning.  I gave a donation to the Community assoc last week, from the climbfest, but havent seen either Des or John Henry yet. so I dont know what the story is,  although there are another two tents there at present.

Photo of Route