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Seastack 1; Humans 0

Date: 20/07/08
Submitted by: Iain Miller

And so, the rains paused and the sun came out! It was in these sweltering conditions that three young men and a little Lady went to climb a Stack.

 Sun cream applied, boat inflated thus let the games commence.

 Half a dozen 100 mtr runs along the static and all the troops and toys were delivered to the base of the beast. Up went one young man, up a nice wee arete and into a groove. So far, so good..........

 Pulling out of the goove onto "The Choss," a block the size of a fridge made it's way seaward, an ALMIGHTY CRASH, followed by several splashes. An ominous silence from above followed. Time passed and more time passed...... at last a call came from above "SAFEish" was made.

 One by one we filed up to the stance, the stance being a tiny little world of moving creaking tottering rubble, piled to loosely form the side of a sea stack.

 Alas pitch 2, I'm afraid was non better, after 8 or so metres of tip toes up the rubble, a baby Fulmar opened fire at close range and emptied the contents of it's stomach into our galant leaders face. This signaled an end to our Deflowering attempt and a horrendous abseil was made to sea level.

 And with all good stacks it has many defences, by now the sea was ramping and had changed to an ominious foamy white colour. So after much footering and shenanigans three young men and a little lady sat in their underwear whilst their clothes dried in the sun, each having received the customary drenching. :-)

 The stack had proved to be a cunning opponent and today it had repelled all boarders!

 The scamp!       

Photo of Route