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Irish Alpine Meet at Vicosoprano.

Date: July 08
Submitted by: Alan Tees

The weather was unsettled this year, even tho this area is reputed to enjoy better conditions than the rest of the alps.  There were 2-3 days of thunderstorms, heavy rain and snow, followed by a similar period of good weather, before the pattern was repeated.  In the first "Window" M and I did the best bit of the Bregalia Circuit, reputed to be one of the very best in the alps, 4 days which we crammed into 3, being joined by Dennis and Jenny for the last.  The second window I climbed Piz Bernina with Sandra, taking twice guide book time to reach the Marco Rossi hut, due to the deep fresh snow.  Great peak tho!

The guides had to struggle to put on the courses with the weather, and some of the young craggers left for sun rock at Ventimiglia, but the crack at the campsite was good and I had no wish to go anywhere.

Sandra left on Friday to join the Zermatters, and I understand they have climbed the Breithorn, Zinalrothorn, and are tackling the Matterhorn on Friday.  Good luck to them.

The north ridge of the Piz Badile looks brill!  Next year perhaps!

Photo of Route