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Date: 23 & 24/ 08/08
Submitted by: Iain Miller

And so to Owey!

 Noon Saturday and the customary vertical rods from the sky were to be had as Noble Brothers Tees & Cooper assembled our mighty vessel for her maiden voyage. Further rods were to be had as the winds increased and the rains abated to allow safe passage to the Mighty Owey!

 The troops had convened on Friday and many a willing hand was to be had to ferry the toys, tents and my mum to the wind swept camp site. Oh how, 4+ adults' tussled with a sheet of nylon!!!  

 Tent city and a superb "Group Shelter" constructed around the BBQ, Sorted!! Being climbers we all scattered ur selves around the island on the eternal quest for Rock. 

 Come 7PM a mass call from the under 16 community was made for a wee bit of amusement! "The lake under the lake" was the order of the day! And so the Masses ascended and descended into this subterranean lair. not sure how many bod's went into the cave, but the endless line of smiling faces spoke volumes as Bill switched on the spotlamp and the cave streched to infinity? And Oisin swam through the silt! Wearing my clothes I hasten to add!

 Sunday Morning the weather god's were smiling as brother Cooper and Sister Valli ascended "The Line!" Happy Days. Myself and Brother George grappled our way through two lines of slightly looser fare in the same bay.

 Tea and Tiffin was had and the unanimous call for some seastack action was made, and so to "The Blade" we went!

 This Stack was first climbed by a troop of Poles, 2003, their description was vague and the stack was scary! Thankfull Brother Dave (miss-spelt MillAr) led the steep corner groove and found the pegs from the 1st Ascent! An excellent on sight, and a festoon of bleeding digits to boot!! The summit of this stack was a tad insecure and everytime we looked MORE faces and bods appeared on the cliff tops to view the tomfoolery! A hasty abb and back to terra firma was made! HURRA!

 During these stack activities, my mum had enlisted the help of EVERY living sole on the island to seek her errand grand-child, a fellow watcher of the vertical world! 

 7pm Sunday, we left Owey, an Excellent weekend was had on this superb Island!

 Hmm, further stack activities to be had! :-)              

Photo of Route