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Troglodytical Escapades

Date: 14/09/08
Submitted by: Iain Miller

A call for nautical assistance from Noble Brother Andy Mcinroy, marine cave fiddler and lens supremo, was made. The discovery of another monster sea cave with a wet enterance. HURRA!

 With the ever present threat of the impending monsoon, we gathered at a very sociable time on Sunday morning at Dunluce Castle, co Antrim. Troops in attendance Andy Mcinroy, Cathal Donnelly and the president of the junior branch of cavers annonymous, Oisin. (donning a lifejacket in the car and miles from any water hazzard)

 A half mile walk was made to a steep wee grass scramble to arrive at a stoney pebble beach. The size of the lumps rolling into this sheltered bay did not bode well for any planned nautical shenanigans! From this beach a short tidal section of basalt bumps was passed several times ferrying troops and toys onto a huge (football pitch) ledge about 20 foot above high water mark.

The object of the excercise was a 70 foot high cave, seperated from the sea by a 100 metre long 10 metre wide channel. Alas the channel had monsterous lumps of green racing along it and smashing into what looked like submerged blocks 50 meters into the cave. We decided to wait as the tide was on the ebb, Neptune may have a calm moment? 10 Minutes later a truly monsterous greeny raced up the channel, hit the submerged chock point and threw green, foam and spray up, along and out through the roof of the cave at about 70+ feet.

 We departed!

 Arrived back at the capark to be met by Noble Brother Steve Read and a young lady, who to my shame can't remember her name, though in my defence I don't think I was told? :-( Anyway's, Brother Read is a true troglodyte, a proper caver! :-)

 As our original plan was scuppered by the mighty Neptune, Andy donned his tour guide cap.

 Cathedral cave is only accessible at a spring low tide, and lo it was spring low tide. :-)

 With Andy leading the way we boulder hopped into Cathedral cave. Simply Excellent!!

Whilst Andy and Cathal fiddled with their lenses, Oisin got wet and a manic puppy ran amok, Steve and myself skirted round and boulder hopped into Ace of Spades cave. So Called as when you stand at the back and look out, the cave mouth's profile is a perfect Aces of Spades. Again, Simply Excellent!! 

 A superb day was had underground! :-) And a return willbe made to th monster further along the coast! :-)



Photo of Route