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Raja on Elbrus

Date: 16th Sept
Submitted by: Raja

On September 16, I climbed Elbrus succesfully! It was a very cold and windy day. This strong wind made life hell after the saddle and till the summit. But I must say, that it felt very good to be on top the highest mountain of Europe.

Total participants of the race was 34. During the qulaifuication race on Sep15, some climbers were shortlisted. Total 22 climbers were finalists.Needless to say, I qulaified too.

 I took 1 hour 57 mins and 57 secs to climb 1200m during the qulaification race. We were supposed to get a rest day after the qualification race. But due to bad weather forecast, the main race took place the very next day. This was not good for us, because we did not get any chance to recover at all. On the final day,I was one of the 13 climbers who were able to finish the speed climb. I took 6.30 hours to climb to the top. During the race we had to climb 1900m ( approximately 5800ft) non stop.

I am very glad that I was able to finish the race climb safely and succesfully without any training or idea of what a high altitude mountain race can be. I thankful to all my friends and would be sharing all the photos and information in details soon.

The participants of this race were from Germany, Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bellarus and India.

In a few hours I am on my way to catch a train to Moscow and then will be back in Calcutta on September 24 morning.

Photo of Route