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Date: 18th October
Submitted by: Alan Tees

An excellent night was had in McGrorys back room.  PJ took minutes, and these will be posted later. George and Marty stepped down from their posts as chair and environmental officer, to be replaced by Peter Cooper and Valli.  Margaret demanded an Agenda, but Anthony wasnt for giving it up, (as he only had the one), and steered us through the evening's business in his usual shambolic but thoroughly entertaining fashion.  George is now a man with a mission, as the new club training officer, and PC is to concentrate on recruitment.

We had aslide show of the Matterhorn (Anthony), Yosemite(Dave) and Panpatia (Valli & self) before the sober departed for home, and the drunks migrated to the front bar.  All this, and I didnt even have a hangover!

Never saw the club more enthusiastic.

28 Oct 2008
Peter Smith

I hope the minutes will be available for the website soon??

29 Oct 2008
William LeClerc-Gigot

McGrory's ain't so convenient for those of us residing East of the Bann (just). Any chance of a return to Derry next year, coupled with a ban on slide shows (yawn)?

30 Oct 2008
Peter Smith

I agree that Derry would be a good place, but I haven't got a very good attendance record so I probably don't get a vote.

28 Nov 2008
Alan Tees 28/11/08

Where are the minutes? Is it now more appropriate to call them "Months"?

01 Dec 2008
Pete Smith

Minutes are up. There's a link on the right of the home page.

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