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New Route on the Gullaghduffhorn Nordwand

Date: 2nd November 08
Submitted by: Alan Tees

At least a dozen brave souls trudged up the Glen of Inagh, and after a hard day chasing wee blondie and the redhead over 6 of the Bens on Saturday,  while the legs were still traumatised, the hearts were brave.  Then the gully was pointed out,  and there were 7.  7 brave souls started up beside the gully, and after a short time, 5 descended into it's bowels to do some scrambling.  The Dungiven man and the Strabane man had more wit.  So now there were 5! There was much rock, but even the moss wasnt slippery, as we surmounted, or avoided, step after step.  Then the redhead defected, and we were 4!  The Fish Farmer, Wee Blondie, the Enforcer and meself were undeterred!  Up and up went the gully, up and up went the fearless 4. Then the main gully capitulated (realising it had truly met its match), and branched off right to the ridge. But there were other gullies/options, and the now- fabulous 4 took the steepest, a rock buttress between the two smaller summit gullies, and grand exposed scrambling was had, right to the summit.

05 Nov 2008
Pete Smith

Nice looking mountain. Where is it?

06 Nov 2008
Alan Tees

BenCullaghduff, 12 Bens, we did the obvious gully up the middle, and left, to the top. Fine mountain alright!

Photo of Route