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Date: Nov 08
Submitted by: Raja
so sorry for the delayed response. Yes I did recv the log and your report. Its good and perfect. You can go ahead and send that to the IMF.
I just came back to darjeeling last night after succesfully climbing Tinchinkang (6010m) in WEst Sikkim. You have been in that area with me in 2006 and you have seen the mountain.
My friend Kevin, Thendup and me attempted in a lightweight style. I got chest infection on the first summit attempt. Thendup and kevin climbed it next day.
Exciting climb, spectacular. Am going back there in January to do a winter ascent of that mountain. Am very inclined to suggest you we should do that in Nov 2009 with your team.
sedn you some pix soon.

02 Dec 2008
Alan Tees 3/12

I have photos of Tinchinkang. When I was there, a German expedition failed on it. It is an outlier of Kanchenjunga, and a fine looking peak, but personally, I'd rather go somewhere new.

Photo of Route
Prayer Flags - Tibetan prayer flags in the Himalaya