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Date: Last weekend
Submitted by: Alan Tees

Still very cold, but a lack of reports from brother Miller would indicate that there is no ice in NW Donegal!  Will catch up with you all, or most anyway, in Aviemore, but dont forget the MI Agm is in Wicklow the following weekend.  PC and I are going, so anyone else that wants a lift can come with me.  Going Fri afternoon.  sandra Kennedy is being proposed as a board member, congrats to her, and there are runours of a coup d'etat, but apparently this happens every year.  

We could put together a meets list in Aviemore?

Also I have got the OK to look at the quarry at carrick a rede, from NT, and it looks hopeful for official recognition of Dunseverick.  Al, if you still look at the CCC site, have you had a chance to look at the topo for it?

Photo of Route